Our Story

Spike Associates is a family owned business with over 49 years of combined marketing, business development and sales experience across multiple industries for both UK & European business’.

Founded in 2002 by James TRM Milligan BSc (Hons), son of writer & comedian Spike Milligan KBE, our marketing think tank provides companies of any size with intelligent, informed, creative and targeted business developement solutions.

With experience gleaned from working across multiple industries such as Health & Safety/Environmental, Education, Logistics, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Food, Agriculture, Corporate Hospitality, Business Intelligence and Textiles, the directors personally facilitate all projects with a senior level of understanding, knowledge and outside the box imaginative thinking that gets your products and services in front of the right decision makers.

We will provide you with a fully qualified specialist who will get to the root of your business and provide the best, most targeted, creative, cost effective business development solution to really get those sales where they should be and keep them there!

Spike Associates fuses seemingless with any Marketing & Sales operations you may have in place and can design promotional campaigns for what ever you require.


Spike Associates are an honest, credible family owned business which prides itself on making people money by imaginative, outside the box thinking. It must be in the DNA!