Spikes Data Washing  Why clean your data & whats Involved?


Your company’s data records are an extremely valuable asset and keeping them up to date and clean will enable you to use them to create new business, retain & upsell to the customers you already have and stay legally & GDPR compliant.

The data washing or cleaning process firstly compiles all of your company data files into 1 or groups of files, then the content is aligned & organised and ready to be washed.
The data wash is done by Spikes in-house email data testing software which verifies and validates your data making it legally compliant and ready for targeted marketing activities.

When emailing cleaning your data is essential for 3 main reasons:

  1. For targeted marketing & business development that increases your ROI.
  2. Legal & GDPR compliance.
  3. Safeguard your ESP (Email sending platform): from being blocked or closed down completely.
  4. Email Sending Reputation: Bad, old data can create ‘High Bounce Rates’ when emailing. This can harm your Email Sending Reputation, which in turn can damage your company’s domain and restrict practices when attempting to send mass and even normal business emails in the future.


Whats Involved?


Step 1: Data File(s) Compilation & Standardisation

The 1st stage involves:

  • Collecting all your company data from every file and source you can think of, which you intend to use in your business.
  • We then examine the data & standardise every column field. *This can be a simple or lengthy process depending on the state of your data and number of files.
  • Then we compile the data into one or more excel spreadsheets so it can be washed.

Now it’s ready for stage 2…..

Step 2: Data Cleaning and Validation

The 2nd stage is the actual cleaning of your data file(s). To do this we use specialised email verification software which pings a ‘test check email’ to the email address of the recipient.

The test ping does not appear in the inbox of the recipient and they are unaware it is being tested.

This stage includes:

  • Company validation – check company is still trading
  • Email address validation – check emails are deliverable and current
  • MPS Checking – Check for mail preference service suppressed addresses.


Step 3: Data Preparation

This final stage involves:

  • Data Management
  • Remove all old and out of date contact records
  • Remove liquidated, closed businesses
  • Remove bad emails, email traps, email honey pots & invalid verification’s.
  • Provide the clean, up to date data files ready for CRM, Marketing and customer account up-selling, organised & updated and ready for use.


Washing Costs: 10,000 Records = £45.00 | 20,000 = £75.00 | 50,000 = £135.00 | 100,000 = £190.00 | 500,000 = £850.00