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Public Relations marketing is a very effective marketing tool that provides targeted awareness and customers for your company, product and service.

PR versus advertising costs can provide invaluable, cost-effective marketing that brings awareness, provides credibility, reach, excitement and ultimately sales.

As well as being expensive, sometimes to the extreme, advertising placements do not hold the same weight of credibility that a good editorial provides.
Because of this editors of trade magazines, journals & publications are viewed to be ’technically competent’ within their specialists area as they evaluate the usefulness of the information within the article. Thus, when buyers read about a company, product or service in an editorial they tend to accept the information as credible and worthy of their consideration – Signed articles work even better in this regard.


PR & Content Strategy Services


  • Publicity & Press Relations Generating good publicity!
    – Local, Regional & National Press Releases
    – Trade Press Releases
    – Television & News Media coverage
    – Radio Coverage
    – Press Conferences Management
    – Leaflets, Brochures & Company Communications
    – Evaluation of PR activity on ROI
  • Creative Content Strategy & Writing
    We produce company literature AND Content Strategy for: Press & Magazine editorials | Trade editorials | Promotional Marketing Campaigns | Internal Company Communications | Internet | Website & Social Media creative content writing.
  • Social Media – Spikes will combine all activities with coherent, consistent communications that parallel the overall PR effort.
  • Events – Press conferences, speaking opportunities, exhibitions, new product releases and special events can be a crucial part of a company’s public relations formulae.
  • Company Publications – Print, visual, digital company material (Annual reports/Company history/founding story/expertise/love)
  • Internal PR Combination’s – Keep employees updated & informed as this is shown to have a major change in attitudes towards employers, and important for motivation, strengthening company culture and for preparing people for change.
    – House journals, newsletters, e-newsletters
    – Internal briefings.
  • Advertising/Media Buying – Spikes has extensive relationships with local, regional and national press, advertising agencies, trade press and media buying groups. We can save you money by commanding the lowest rates across all media advertising required.

Good, well written, well managed editorial material placed in the correct trade publications, local, regional, national press and social media channels will…

Benefits of good PR & Content Strategy….

  • Create, manage & communicate the organisations: Identity | Image | Philosophy | Purpose
  • Build Awareness of your business, service and products in targeted sectors
  • Generate sales leads directly from stories of interest
  • Increase consumer knowledge & perceptions
  • Provide credibility behind your business, service & products
  • Communicate your company’s principles, ethics, objectives, scope, professionalism, specialisms
  • Manage Crisis management situations
  • Improve the organisations standing & enhance reputation
  • Media Relations – Manage important media relationships with all stakeholders


Rates & Costs:

Spikes Associates charges on a monthly & hourly basis, which depends on the size and scope of the individual project.

The standard rate is: £360.00 per 8 hour working day, which is reduced for multiple block bookings and/or project variables.
Spikes will produce a free quote and document outlining our professional advice and services that would satisfy your public relations needs and company aspirations.

We then fine-tune the service to meet and match with all company requirements.

Challenging Projects Produce Bigger Rewards for our clients…

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