A Few Words About Us

Lead by James Milligan, son of the legendary Spike Milligan, Spike Associates is a full service marketing agency

Since 2006, we've taken care of hundreds of clients, acting as their marketing department, or an extension of it. We've dreamt up branding concepts and adverts, run thousands of marketing campaigns, produced millions of records of marketing data, pushed our clients to the top of search engine results, designed & created websites, and much more.

Why Spike Associates

To name but a few reasons to work with us

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Quick response
  • Creative approach
  • Friendly & qualified professionals
  • Affordable fees

We produce the best bespoke solutions for our clients

The clients we've looked after have ranged from small-scale startups to super-large brands, so over the years we've developed a vast amount of experience dealing with almost every conceivable scenario. Of course our clients are impressed with our marketing output, but it's our business acumen that really sets us apart from other agencies. We're able to talk many different languages to suit our surroundings, and understand the wider picture when advising on the finer detail.

We have a wealth of experience from working across multiple industries such as Health & Safety/Environmental, Education, Logistics, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Food, Agriculture, Corporate Hospitality, Business Intelligence, Textiles and lots more.

Spike Associates is an honest, credible and reliable operation with a historic family name to uphold. We pride ourselves on growing our clients' businesses and ultimately making them money by imaginative & outside the box thinking - it's in the DNA!