Email Marketing Services

Spikes provides email marketing services to individual business owners and large corporate companies with our DIY, Fully Managed or Tailor-Made emailing services. And Spikes promise is 'we WILL beat any email provider on quality vs cost!'

Pay as you go B2B Email Campaigning with NO continuous binding contracts

Our in-house emailing software supplies easy to use design templates, scheduling, automation and segmentation of data. And if you need a helping-hand we can provide UK based, personal support and advice from over 17 years in the email business, and all for less cost than you can find from any other supplier.

Option 1:
For the more experienced email marketer, Spikes can set you up with your companies personal, branded email account, provide you with a tutorial, supply the sending credits and away you go with no contracts on a 'pay as you go' basis.
Option 2:
Fully Managed Service
For those who don't have the time or the expertise, Spikes can fully manage your email campaigning from start to finish. We can: Design your emails & landing pages | Segment & Manage your data for uploading & targeted campaigning | Schedule & execute campaigns | Compile & supply your results in simple 'Excel' format.
Option 3:
Mix & Match
Or if you are somewhere in-between the expert and novice email practitioner you can have tailor-made consultancy, advice and support that suit any of your requirements.
Email marketing provides incredible ROI
Reach 1,000s of perspective clients
Create New Business
Build your pipeline for future sales
Build brand awareness quickly
Drive organic traffic
Drive targets to Linkedin & social media accounts
Build your newsletter sign-ups

Build your company's own
Email Contact List:

Whether you're selling a product or service physically or online, email list building is one of the smartest things you can do to grow your own list of contacts and grow your business...

Creative Email Design
We offer a full HTML email design service. This can include creative & marketing support, design production, inbox testing and associated email coding. When commissioning your design work, all designs created by Spikes will be owned by your company and are fully transferable by HTML format.
Segment, Upload & Schedule
We will create your bespoke database contact list to your target specification, upload the lists to your ESA (email sending account), manage all files, unsubscribes, build suppression files, schedule your sends and deliver your communications on time every time.
Email Reporting
With your own company ESA & personal logins you can have easy access to the LIVE campaign reporting tool. Our system allows you to monitor your campaign performance in real- time, with very user-friendly reports to view so you can easily asses campaigns statistics and see the leads coming in.

You can download your leads in one batch or segment them by URL links placed in the email e.g. clients who clicked through to your website for immediate contact, or clients who clicked your Linkedin button - you can then add these to your linkedin account. Alternatively, Spike Associates can download, organise & present your leads on excel format directly to you or your sales teams inbox.

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